Hudson Bay Axe
Hudson Bay Axe


Hudson Bay Axe

$ 174.99
The Hudson Bay outclasses other designs when it comes to felling and limbing more moderately sized trees in the American wilderness. Considered by most to be the oldest continuously producing axe manufacturer in the world, the Wetterlings company handcrafts some of the finest axes and woodcutting tools on the market. Wetterlings tools are crafted from American Hickory shafts and Swedish carbon steel by the skilled artisans in Storvik, Sweden. The meticulous attention to detail along the way during it's precise and hand fabricated construction leaves us with a tool with a generational lifespan. The Hudson Bay Axe is a result of a number of designs dating back to 18th and 19th Century fur trappers. This axe is prized for it's versatility and portability, with it's 2.5 lb head weight and wide 3.75" bit that easily sinks into both hard and softwoods alike





weight: 3.25 pounds

head material: c55 carbon swedish steel

handle material:  american hickory

overall length: 24 inches

bit (edge) length: 3.75 inches